Friday, June 7, 2013

The end of Dissertation-alooza, Week One!

Well, I didn't do a ton this morning as I had to take Stella to the vet for her yearly check-up and then I had to reorganize all my notes and dissertation-related articles because I ended up rearranging my office last night (long story but the office area looks much better now, I think!).  And then I had to make a run to this fabulous consignment store Karma over in Glen Carbon, IL, that I sell clothes to every few months and I walked out with $125 and a very cool purple leather bag!  (I know, the point is to leave things there, not take things home! But it was so cute -- and purple is my favorite color -- I couldn't resist!)

So now that Chapter Three has been turned in (and I am hoping that it is decent "enough"!), I am now busily working on Chapter Four:  Results!  There is just one goal for this chapter -- spit out my findings! Tell the world what it is that I discovered!  This should be the easiest chapter to rework -- I am simply presenting my findings in some sort of logical and reasonable way.

I spent this afternoon rereading what I had already written for Chapter Four and actually I don't think that it's that bad.  I need to rework the introduction and conclusion (especially based on the revising that I did of Chapter Three) but a lot of this stuff is already pretty clear cut and to the point.  I did notice that I somehow neglected to talk about my findings of my second survey but I think it was because there wasn't much there in terms of anything interesting to note.  However, I do need to talk about that (ever so briefly!) so I will add that in when I talk about survey three.

So here is my game plan for this next chapter (which I am actually starting a few days early, mind you!)

Survey One and Survey Three:  Demographic Questions
Description of Essay One Assignment
Data Categorizing for Essay One
Description of Essay Four Assignment
Data Categorizing for Essay Four
Survey Two and Three

I should have some time this weekend to work on this chapter -- Jim will be away for awhile tomorrow afternoon so after I come home from my volunteer job at the Hope Clinic, I will be working away!  And then I will follow that up with a day off on Sunday!  :D

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