Friday, August 20, 2010

Classes are Ready to Go!

Although the week didn't start off in the best way, this was a productive week ... Most importantly, I have the syllabi ready to go for all of my classes now and I am particularily proud of the schedule and syllabus for the Honors section of LIT 117: Literature by Women. Dr Maya Angelou is coming to UMSL in November and I have enough money in the honors budget to purchase tickets for the students in the class (and maybe even get a few extra for any other interested students!). I also completely redesigned the entire course and made "packets" for each of the students (using these super cool American literature folders I was smart enough to buy with honors money last year before the budget woes of this current academic year!). I hope the students are as excited as I am!

I also decided to sign up for some Japanese themed community education classes that will take place on my campus of SWIC on Wednesday nights. One of the courses is a Japanese language class and the others all have to do with Japanese cooking. Jim probably thinks I am adding to my already busy schedule but I thought it would be nice to have one thing (in the middle of the week!) to do that has nothing to do with teaching, researching, or writing.


  1. Cool! I have a bunch of online Nihongo resources, and some for the iPhone as well -- if you're interested, let me know or have Jim let me know, and I can pass them on.

  2. I should do what you are doing. I let myself get bogged down in class work -- maybe I'll look into the community ed classes too. I would like to join a book club (haven't done that in awhile), but it's tough to find one that fits into my interests and schedule and is close by.

  3. Greg -- I would LOVE to get ahold of some of your Japanese resources! After Jim, you are my IT guy! Denise -- do it! I almost took a sewing class but think I will just stick with the Japanese for now. I am really looking forward to having this outlet! Watashi wa nihingo dai suki desu! (and, yes, Greg, I know my Japanese is now terrible! it used to be pretty good at one point!) :D