Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dissertation-alooza, Day 7

After spending all that time yesterday working on the blog about our vacation, I guess it was only fair that I spent several hours last night working ensuring that my data results were all 100% correct (and switching things around in the original chapter).  I think I am finally in that zone of writing where you work for a few hours and then you are shocked when you see how much time has actually gone by!  So counting my work last night, I am now 70% done with Chapter 4: Results.  I finished the introduction, demographic info from survey 1 and 3, essay 1 description and coding results, and essay 4 description and coding results.  That leaves just some information I gathered from survey 2 and 3 as well as a conclusion for the whole piece.  I have a doc's appointment mid-day today but that is it so I am hoping that I might even get this chapter done by tonight (including reading it through and proofreading).

I am beginning to feel that I might be able to pull this off!  :D

UPDATED at 9:00 PM:  Finished Chapter 4 and now moving on to Chapter 5!  (If I can finish this part in the next week or so, then I will be ahead of schedule and can give some revising "love" to Chapter 1 (Introduction) and Chapter 6 (Conclusion).  :D

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