Friday, June 14, 2013

Shakespeare in the Park

One of the great joys of living in Saint Louis is the "Shakespeare in the Park" yearly event.  Hosted by the Shakespeare Festival Saint Louis, a play is chosen each year (usually switching back and forth between comedy and tragedy) and this year's show was Twelfth Night.  Click here for all the information about the play (only 4 more nights left!).  But here is all you need to know -- it's free and it's outside (just across the street from the St Louis Art Museum).   We have been going for the last 5-6 years with our good friends Jim and Chan (and the amazing Odessa!) and my yearly contribution is to get there early so we can get a good spot.  And when I say "get there early," I mean you have to get there early!    If yuou don't, you will not get a very good spot!  Yesterday, I had the blanket down by 1:30 (the show starts at 8:00).  Everyone else started coming at about 4 PM and that is when the real fun started!

(I stole this image from the web site for the show!  These guys were hilarious!)

If you are familiar with Shakespeare, then you know the whole theme of "identity" is a big one in almost every play -- and the same holds true for this play as well.  There are several moments of confusion and deception (and a whole lot of humor!).  I personally loved the character of Viola.  What I found most interesting was that just before her twin brother (who she thinks is dead) pops into the whole scene, Viola (who is disguised as a man, Cesario) is surrounded by pretty much every character in the play  and not one of these people "really" know who Viola is (although some of them think they do).  And isn't that true for a lot of us?  The whole question of others "knowing" us but maybe not?  Well, that's it as far as intellectualism goes!  I am now sure what to do with that observation about Viola but this just proves that I have a difficult time turning my mind off even when I am supposed to be relaxing!

Anyway -- here are some shots from our spot way up in the front!
(Jim chilling with Stella who also came along!)
(Here is a shot of the stage -- see how close we were!  It was at an angle -- maybe to help with the rain since the set is set up outside the whole three weeks of the play's run)
(By the time the show started, there were tons of people there!)
(Some of the pre-show entertainment)
(Chan, Jim, and the amazing Odessa!)

I took a print copy of Chapter 5: Analysis with me to the park as I was waiting for everyone else to show up.  I worked for about an hour (rereading and making notes to myself) and then switched to a novel.  And then I think I fell asleep!  Oh well!  I have the whole weekend to dissertate other than working at the clinic in the morning and then a triathlon on Sunday morning!

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