Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dissertation-alooza, Day Three and Four!

It's odd how this whole writing thing works sometimes.  Yesterday was not so productive but today was super productive.  So productive, in fact, that I am done with revising and redoing Chapter 3, a whole day early!

Alright, I can't be going crazy with opening champagne yet but ... maybe this day earns me at least one cold cider, eh?

Yesterday, I went to my hot yoga class over in Edwardsville and suffered like you wouldn't believe!  I don't get it -- Monday was my first class back in like forever and I didn't struggle nearly as much as I struggled in yesterday's class.  The minute I walked in the door I was hot, hot, hot.  I had to take a resting pose for at least half of the class (I would try to do the first set of a movement but then usually couldn't follow through with the second set).  After the class ended, I went to my friend Peggy's house (she lives close to the yoga studio) and we did a fabulous five mile-ish walk in the trails enjoying the fabulously warm day we had yesterday (and it is easier to exercise, of course, when you are doing it with a friend and talking the whole time!).  But by the time I got home in the afternoon, I had a bunch of errands to take care of, a dinner to pull together, and I basically did very little on the dissertation front.

But today has been the opposite!  I did take a break in the mid-afternoon while I took Stella to the dog park but other than that -- work, work, work.  I think I was on a role.  I managed to thread all the sections together (there is still one rough-ish spot I think) and redo an introduction and conclusion to the chapter. Do I think it is the greatest thing that I have ever written?  No -- but it does feel "good" so maybe that is enough to make it work (I keep thinking that everyone keeps telling me that a done dissertation = good dissertation).  And I can't quite describe it, but there is this tingling of a feeling that maybe I will, indeed, finish this whole thing!


  1. Yay!!! (I feel that way about poems and paintings. You have to put them away to drink sometimes or they will make you see spiders the size of godzilla. xo :)