Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dissertation-alooza, Day 2

Not sure how productive I was today but I did manage to cut and paste from the original document the last two "parts" of my methodology chapter -- "data collection" and "data analysis."  So I think I have all the basic parts into place and now ... I need to rethink the intro and the conclusion to this chapter and then go back through and consider transitions (I am aware that I am making some jumps between things at this point).

My biggest struggle so far, I think, is that sometimes I am not sure how to be more "clinical" (the kind of language that I see in other dissertation examples, especially).  I keep thinking that this is like an academic essay and surely I am not supposed to be so direct and to the point!  Well, I guess that is the whole struggle in a nut shell -- I need to be more direct.  For example, in my data collection section I get that I need to talk about how I collected data (a pretty straight forward idea really) but then I find myself getting tangled up in explaining that process exactly.  And is it normal that I should feel like I am repeating myself about a million times?

Ugh.  I am off to dinner with some fabulous friends in just a bit so I think I am giving up for the day.  Back to work in the early AM (before yoga and a walk with a friend).


  1. It disappeared, but I said that yes, it is normal to repeat yourself in a dissertation and to be direct is a good thing. I think it is necessary for the genre because of the audience--they will not be as invested, have that much time, and will not be as much of as an expert as you or the chair. So, they will need a certain amount of hand holding to get through it. Also, it will help you with defending because they won't be asking you as many questions that are frustrating and make you feel like they haven't read it. I think the subtle and nuanced stuff can go into the conclusion....that is probably the part that is the most like a traditional essay.

  2. I think you said this pretty well, Melissa! And what you say makes a lot of sense! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!