Monday, October 4, 2010

Tired Girl

So what has Dianna learned in the last week?

Full exertions for a few days in a row = one tired Dissertation Girl.

I had a busy weekend -- Jim and I spent a few hours at Grants Farm on Saturday and I ran a half-marathon with friends on Sunday. But sandwiched between these two events were grading papers, cleaning up the house, running errands, etc. So for me, the usual. But I am finding "the usual" just makes me so tired. I definitely had some problems this morning while teaching class. I teach three classes back to back and I was exhausted by the time I go to class #3. I then had a meeting (which seemed so long!) and finally crawled home where I fell asleep for about an hour. I think I would have slept longer but when I woke for a moment, my mind was racing with all the things I needed to do for tomorrow (i.e. grade a few more papers, catch up on the reading for my two lit classes, respond to student email, etc).

So the word of the day is "tired."

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