Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Shout Out to Laurie!

So how cool is the wine bag that you see sitting on our shelves above our kitchen sink?! Even though Laurie gave this to me to use as a wine bottle gift bag, I am giving it to myself! I am astounded that someone can make something so beautiful out of her own two hands! And is there no better word to use with a great bottle of wine than "YUM"?!?! Recently, any drinking has made me feel sick so I am going to lay off on any wine drinking until the end of chemo (3 more treatments to go!) and Laurie's kind gift to me today will sit there, in the middle of our kitchen, reminding me that there will be life when this whole ordeal is finished! (Thanks, Laurie! You are so talented!)

One other event to report from today -- I had my hair cut pretty short which is weird for me (though I have been going shorter and shorter ever since the cancer diagnosis). But the damage from the chemo drugs (and the thinning) was wreaking havoc on my hair and Braxton (hair goddess!) was able to find a style that would make the most of what I have (left). I don't think I am going to lose any more hair (wishful thinking on my part?) but I can't wait to get back at least my shoulder-length hair!

So there are my two future goals -- a glass of wine and longer hair! :D


  1. glad you like the gift bag :) Don't worry, your taste for wine will come back...took me about 6 weeks post treatment. Enjoy!

  2. I bet you look gorgeous! How could you not?

    I'm excited for Sunday!