Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon

Well, the picture to your left should prove that I am alive and well! The Nike Women's Marathon 2010 is officially over!

I'm not going to say that it wasn't tough. By mile 12 or so my quads were sore and not having fun. That happens in every marathon I have run but it usually happens sometime around mile 20. So along with the quad issues, the first part was crowded and hard to run but once the half marathoners left the course (and, yes, I was very temped to stop at that point!) things on the course got easier though both my quads and my lower back kept reminding me that they were finished with this whole marathon project! It was also around the halfway point that the rain started to get harder. Fun times.

But the very best part (besides the cool necklace I collected at the end from Tiffany's!) was the beach. Miles of beautiful beach that I absolutely loved! (I even took of my headphones for those parts!). My time ended up being something like 5 hours and 30 minutes, a far cry from my personal best of close to 4 hours. But given what my body has been through the last 5 months and the fact that I am a chemo patient, I think that time was pretty darn good (I was actually aiming for 6 hours).

And the picture above shows the fabulous crab dinner that my wonderful husband made happen! (I'm pretty sore!). A glass of wine would have made the meal better but that will have to wait until post-chemo!

Thanks to everyone for sending me words of encouragement! I thought about all my blessing while I ran that 26.2 miles! :D

PS: No intenstinal issues at all! Yipeee!


  1. Yipppeeee! Hooray for you and congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations sweetheart. I knew you could do it but you finished much faster than I thought you would finish. Hope you love that necklace for a very long time - this is one run to remember. Have a great trip home.

  3. You are amazing. I can't even imagine doing a tenth of what you do considering all you are going through. You're an inspiration and a total ROCKSTAR! Can't wait to see your necklace in person. ;)

  4. I am one of the TNT runners who met you race morning. I asked to take a picture of your shirt. I used that picture to look up your bib number and see if you were able to go the whole 26.2 miles. And you did!! You are amazing! So then I typed in your bib number on the race results, found your Facebook profile, and ended up here. So I'm officially a stalker! But really I wanted to know a name to add to my prayers for you. You are amazing and I was so blessed by you that morning. I will continue to pray for your battle.