Monday, October 11, 2010

Chemo Lesson #432: Energy spent = no energy later!

I finished the triathlon yesterday morning feeling pretty "spent." The entire race was 500 yards swimming, 9 miles on a spin bike, and 3.1 miles on a treadmill. As usual, the swimming was the hardest for me but I did better than the fifteen minutes I was hoping for. I actually finished in 12:08. I then ran to the spin bike -- which I ended up hating! The bike was nothing like the spin bikes I am used to using and it sorta made my a** hurt! So I went as fast as I could just so I could get off -- 17:07. I was looking forward to the run the most but the first mile or so was painful. I managed to finish in 28:36, about 3-4 minutes behind my usual pace. Luckily, my ultra-cool cousin-in-law Sarah hang out after she finished and cheered me on. I had to sit for a few minutes after finishing, though, because I was truly 100% tired. (Click here for the link to the official standings! I ended up 14 out of 36 people or so!).

And the afternoon showed me exactly how tired I was. Mid-afternoon, I tagged along with Jim when he went to the zoo but I felt like an old lady. He had rented this new lens that he wanted to "play" with and I vegged on any sitting surface I could find. I really struggled to stay conscious (and I was trying hard not to let Jim see how much I was struggling). It didn't help that it was a warm October afternoon and the sun was just making me feel even worse. But I did manage to suck on a cherry snow cone which made me happy (but for some reason instigated 2-3 mouth sores).

Anyway -- I don't think I have still quite managed to bounce back 100% (really making me nervous about this weekend's marathon). It didn't help that I had one of those HARD teaching days today where nothing seems to quite work out (I was even a bit short with a student). I have about a million things to do but no energy at all. So back to the couch I go! :D

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  1. Take care of yourself. You are doing more than great - you are awesome in what you are accomplishing dealing with chemo. You will win the fight. You are my hero Princess!!!