Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow ... it's Thursday already?

I am writing this (quick!) post after coming back from one of my literature classes in which I had to leave in the middle of a class discussion because .... lower-end-of-the-body issues! This has happened twice in the past two days and it absolutely sucks (chemo-related? Not sure). This is what happens: I will be teaching class and then I feel what I think is a hot flash which just comes up (seemingly out of nowhere) and demands immediate attention. As in now. Not gonna wait. Need bathroom fast. Yesterday's event was definitely just the lower end but the one today was both ends at the same time. And as I started typing this a few minutes ago, another lower end excursion to the bathroom was needed. Even as typing this, my stomach is growling (rumbling!) but I am afraid to eat anything other than some saltine crackers!

So this makes me so nervous about this weekend -- we leave for San Francisco tomorrow afternoon and I run the marathon on Sunday morning. I am determined to complete this race but it's going to be a lot harder with darn intestinal-like issues.

Yesterday I talked with my new oncologist, Dr B, who will be in charge of my radiation treatments (I still see Dr L for my chemo, though). Starting with my next chemo on Nov 2 (#5 out of the total of 6!), I will be getting radiation at 3 PM everyday for 6 weeks. Boo. Six weeks seems like a long time! And then I have one more surgery on Dec 20 -- by then I should be finished with both chemo and radiation.

And what then?!?! Jim and I just rented a beach cottage down by Mobile, AL, for the first week of January -- to celebrate the end of breast cancer and the end of seeing doctors so much! Click here to see our cottage!

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  1. Sorry you are having bathroom issues. Hoping the weekend turns out great for you and you have a great finish. Keep January and the beach in your thoughts - you deserve it very much. Take care sweetheart. Love ya!!!!!