Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Weekend!

So far I am doing OK with the side effects of chemo #4. I have tried to be more pro-active this time by taking the anti-nausea pills BEFORE I start feeling sick ... and I think that has, in fact, helped. My stomach is "jumpy" just like last time -- not sure what is going on there but I am starting to get annoyed! Yesterday was a pretty busy day (i.e. volunteering at the clinic, worked in my office, trivia night at the college) but I only have one thing to do today -- a mini-triathlon!

This shouldn't be a big deal at all because it's only like 30% of the bigger triathlon I did a few weeks back BUT my stomach is killing me right now (and I have to be there in an hour or so from now!). The one good aspect is that this takes place inside (all three events) and so I can stop pretty easily if I decide that I can't do this. But I want to at least try since I had already signed up for it.

But this will be the last physical "test" before we leave for San Francisco on Friday afternoon. The Nike Women's Marathon is next Sunday. I hope that I will be able to hobble across the finish line under the course deadline of six and a half hours! :D

But today -- a mini triathlon!


  1. Good Luck! Hope you do well. Ryan (my son) is competing in this race this morning

  2. Hang in there girl. You are amazing just doing what you are doing while undergoing chemo. In my prayers always. Love ya Princess