Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick, quick update!

Good news -- Since Friday afternoon, I have been coding the final surveys that I had the students take the last day of class -- so, yes, I can officially say that I am working on my dissertation without feeling the least bit guilty!

Today I did 18 miles on the bike in the gym, followed by another 24 this evening with Jim and our fab friends, Laura, Bill, and Conrad the dog (wearing his doggles!). We rode from our building in downtown St Louis to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. The wind was a killer but the weather was fabulous!

My breast drain is still in (probably until Wed when I see my surgeon). My underarm and right arm are still a little numb and I am hoping that goes away soon. I meet the folks behind my upcoming radiation treatments on Thursday morning and I guess that will be the start of THAT adventure.

Must dash to bed. I'm pooped and tomorrow morning I need to work at SWIC. Fun times!

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