Thursday, July 8, 2010

Radiation Consultation

I am working on developing stats right now for those end-of-the-semester surveys -- so, yes, I am working on my dissertation!

This morning, with Jim in tow, we visited with Dr B who will be the person in charge of my radiation treatments. As I mentioned yesterday I was disappointed that this was just a consultation and not the actual start of the radiation treatments. And now with another surgery in the near future, those treatments have been pushed back even further (so it's pretty clear that this cancer mess will spill over into the Fall semester). Dr B said that when I am ready for radiation, I will have an intial appointment that will be a "simulation" -- they do some sort of body imaging that individualizes the radiation as it hits my (right) breast. And then basically I visit them everyday for about 15 minutes a day M-F for something like 6 weeks. She went over a bunch of side effects but I think the only one that might be a possibility for me is the fatigue. But, luckily, that doesn't even come into effect (if it even does) for something like three weeks into the treatment. Knowing my body, though, I suspect I will be fine. I am already kind of tired all the time anyway -- so whatever I pick up from radiation will just blend in with my overall tiredness!

My stomach is still cramping and I still have diarrhea but I have taken the advice of both my doctor and friends (esp. Marie -- thanks!) and taking some pro-biodics in the form of yogurt and some acidophilus. Hopefully something here will let me (1) eat solid foods comfortably and (2) not run off to the bathroom every 20 minutes! But I have lost 4 pounds in the past week! (a little bit of a silver lining, right?!)

In dissertation work, I am pleased that the surveys are relfecting some interesting trends -- maybe the themed class did work! More on that as soon as the stats are all finished! Cheers, Dianna

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