Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Found: A Somewhat Productive Day

So the most exciting news of the day is that I actually did something productive in terms of my dissertation :D As I was sifting through all my notes and articles the other day, I slowly began to realize that I hadn't yet taken a solid look at what research has actually been done on "themed" FYC courses -- how long have comp teachers used this kind of approach? Is it something taken on by more "liberal" teachers? Is there any solid research that has been done on whether themed courses work? WWhat is the "subject" of a FYC course anyway? Anyway -- I finally got brave and posted a question on the WPA list serve (lots of smart people and famous rhet/comp types)asking for any advice .... and I got tons of responses! So I spent a few hours tracking down some of the sources and now I have lots of good stuff to read! :D

But I came home to a small panic attack (I had been at my office at SWIC when I posted the question and started researching). Twice this afternoon the surgery center had called with messages about bringing a certain dollar amount to the surgical procedure next week (Shouldn't this go through insurance first?) -- and, of course, they haven't returned my calls. I had to make a huge payment to SIUC for tuition (and that always makes me stressed!), and then I came home to two more medical bills in the mail. And then it was storming and I hate, hate, hate lightening and thunder. Jim was his usual calming self but I proceeded to have a mini-breakdown.

But at least I had a productive morning, eh?!

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