Friday, July 2, 2010

So That's Why I Felt Like Crap!

So the good news is that my pathology report came back and my lymph nodes are looking great -- no sign of cancer sooooooooo ..... no chemo! Yipeeee! But, I did see the doc yesterday because I have been feeling like I have the flu for the last three days or so (joint pain, headache, not hungry, etc). It turns out that I actually had a pretty serious infection in my breast (which was red and pretty swollen). Neither Jim or I picked up on these symptoms as signs of an infection because neither of us have ever had surgery. So the doc drained my breast (and you don't even want to know about the yechy, brown stuff she took out -- there was a lot!) and installed a drain that is still there today (I get it out later this morning). She also took out my stiches from last week so now you can see the scar from the lymph node procedure under my armpit. My surgeon is actually on vacation this week so this was her medical partner -- she used the term "Stage One" with me which my regular doc hadn't used with me before. Those words really make me feel like I have cancer -- which scares me -- but I guess I also feel lucky that it's only stage one and not something worse.

To help with the flu-like symptoms, she had me go to infusion services and they hooked me up to an IV that gave me -- directly -- some sort of antibiodics (along with Benedryl). I had to sit there for an hour and half and during that period at first I felt dizzy but after a while, I felt great! I go again today for the same procedure but it looks like the infection debacle is behind me!

My other goal for today is to actually pull out my research and write something -- anything. I guess this blog post was a start! Anyway -- off to the St Louis Cancer and Breast Institute first! .....

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