Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yeah! Finally -- a Work Out!

I just have time for a quick update but I finally met one goal for this week -- I managed to get in about 18.50 miles on a stationary bike downstairs in the gym (in about 60 minutes). The bike seems to be the best exercise tool at the moment as it translates into little jiggling of the breast. My breast is not 100% today because the doctor decided to leave the drain in yesterday :< I HATE the drain! It's sort of like having a long "whisker" hanging off your breast -- and the whisker has yechy bits that come out every now and then (I have to keep changes the gauze around it but, thankfully, as long as I keep using sports bras I don't need to use tape -- which I seem to be slightly allergic to -- and instead can just use the sports bra as leverage to keep the qauze in place). Anyway, even on the bike I have to grit my teeth sometimes because I can feel the breast moving around and the stupid drain. Not fun. But - I got to sweat a bit and that part I liked! (though I am thinking the bike sort of kicked my butt -- I was having a tough time). But I am on two different medications which seem to be helping with any residual pain -- one the doc said will help keep any other infections away so that's good stuff (and this is coming from someone who usually hates to even take an aspirin!)

Yesterday was my last IV treatment for the infection (I had to stay hooked up for 2+ hours!) but afterwards my pal Peggy introduced me a cool second hand store called the "Scholarshop" (I think there are a few in the area) -- it's been around a long time but I had never heard of it before (specializes in selling brand items like Ann Taylor, Talbots, etc)-- l bought a cool jacket and a brand-new skirt for less than $10 -- will definitely need to go back there when I need a boost in the coming weeks!

So what is up next? Next week I have a post-op appointment with Dr Radford (my surgeon) and then I meet the folks (on Wed) who will get me started on my radiation therapy (as soon as possible, I hope!). I also need to look at the Fleet Feet Sports Running Calendar and identify some short runs to focus on (to help me find some motivation). Tomorrow I will also sit here on the computer and try to figure out a schedule to help me with dissertation writing).

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