Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Go! St Louis Half Marathon

So this morning I ran the Go! St Louis Half Marathon! My best time pre-cancer was 1:51 for a half marathon and, as you might guess, I am not back to that time. This morning's adventure was 2:20:41 (about 30 minutes off). I felt pretty strong for the first 6 miles or so (when the course, which had looped south to the AB Brewery, come back north and straight through downtown on Market Street and then Olive Street). But then some of the dang gas I have been having creeped in (the gas is from the hysterectomy for the most part). After a few more miles, it started to go away but then I started having heat issues (it was somewhere in the 80's I think with the usual St Louis humidity. It's hard to believe we had snow just three weeks ago!). Most of the water stops were having problems too -- I usually had to wait in line for a quick drink which kept making me stop, thereby making it harder to continue going). The last two miles were not fun (if you are not familiar with St Louis, we have a hilly city!) but I kept following the many bright green shirts I saw as I went up the last hill on Market (see the photo above to get a glimpse at this year's technical shirt; not sure if I like the color or not).

The Expo was crowded (much like the run) but I ended up treating myself to a few new tops (a run expo gets me just as excited as a bookstore, by the way!). Here is a new technical shirt I picked up:

And a new singlet with the race logo in silver glitter! (seriously, who could resist this?!)

For renewing my subscription to a women's running magazine, I got a free technical top!

And that's about it! I was a little bummed, by the way, when I saw the marathon folks leaving the course -- a big part of me wanted to follow them BUT I know that a marathon is not what I need to be doing right now. For the next few months, I just need to work on improving my PR in some shorter events (and triathlons) -- and hopefully these new tops will inspire me! :D

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