Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Conferencing I Go!

I am off to the 47th Allerton English Articulation Conference in just a few minutes (about 150 miles east of St Louis right in the middle of Illinois). I will be presenting some of my dissertation research on Thursday morning but in the meantime ... I get to relax by listening to other presentations and hanging out at the cool Allerton Mansion (where the conference will be held AND where I will be sleeping). Here is a link to the conference: Click here! I have been to this particular conference once before and LOVED the 14 miles of hiking trails and the amazing gardens (this place has been named one of the seven wonders of Illinois). Lots of great "intellectualizing" and lots of great running (I hope!). I will come back on Thursday night (and no school on Friday because of Good Friday!)

A new running movie will be coming out soon! This film documents three Native American young people who use running as a means of improving their lives and attending college on scholarship. Check out this insprirational trailer:

I am such a running geek! These young folks get me excited!

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