Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick Komen Update

I am shocked. Seriously shocked. I HATED selling Girl Scout Cookies when I was a kid -- I remember feeling bad about asking people to buy something. I'm just not a salesperson at all. So I wasn't sure how successful I could be at asking people to donate for my goal of raising momey for Komen (see the entry for April 27)

So here is the total this morning -- $535! How cool is that! I had a goal of $200 at first, then $500 and now the new goal is $700. I think it would be super cool to get to $1000 but that number seems so scary that I can't even type it in yet!

However -- I just wanted to give folks an update! People are awesome! :D

EVENING EDIT: I got brave and upped my official fundraising level to $1000 not long after I posted the above (and it's not going any higher -- that is my true goal!). I am pleased to report that we are up to $750 as of now! I am so excited to be spearheading something like this! And the goodness must be rubbing off on my running because I did a 5K in about 31 minutes earlier this afternoon after doing 13.5 miles on a bike. The run felt great and I know I could have gone longer and faster -- a feeling I haven't had since last year. But -- I don't want to push it too hard, especially since I wasn't wearing my running shoes (just regular gym sneakers) and Stella (the pooch!) and I are running a 5K for the APA on Sunday morning! But I am starting to feel better -- finally! -- when it comes to running!

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