Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Need for A Longer Afternoon!

How in the world is it Tuesday evening already?!?! I am about to go and teach my evening class in just a few minutes. Basically, I spent all afternoon trying to clear off my desk with ... a little success! The review editor from the journal Teaching English in the Two Year College asked me about a month ago to give my comments on a review that was submitted to the journal and I had every intention of doing it right away. And I sort of did. I read the review, jotted some notes, and then it got stuck under the huge piles of papers on my desk. Boo. Anyway -- I managed to finish that little project today as well as reading some student essays, completing some paperwork for the honors program, and figuring out some lesson plans for this week (I think I have a plan to get students excited about pronoun agreement!).

But I need a longer afternoon! In exactly one week, I am off to the Allerton Conference (hosted by Northern Illinois University) and I still have major amounts of work to do for my conference presentation. I have a busy week until Friday (including taking a group of students to the Fox Theater to see the rock musical "Next to Normal" on Thursday night, a lunch get together at work, catching up on the reading for my literature classes, and a talk to a local "Girls on the Run" team here in Granite City on Friday afternoon). But the weekend? Nothing major planned and I am hoping to keep it that way!

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