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Stitch Fix #2 Review

I feel like before I put this review out there that I need to apologize for once again saying nothing about my dissertation (for the record, I have a full draft to my fabulous adviser and I am waiting to hear back as to the long list of things that I will need to change/ edit!).

In the meantime ....

I just got another Stitch Fix.  You can read here about the first one I did about a month ago -- and here is the second one I just tried.  Basically, you fill out a style profile online and then someone (a stylist) sends you five items that you might like.  You get three days to try these five items and you can either keep them or send them back (and if you decide to keep all five pieces, you get 25% off your entire box).  It is good to try and keep at least one item because you pay an upfront $20 styling fee and that comes off your total (whatever items you end up keeping).  I might try one more month (right now it is scheduled for the end of Decemeber) but I am not sure if this is something I am going to continue.  I am getting a little annoyed about a few things so here goes.

When I opened my box, this is what I found -- a beautifully wrapped pile of clothes (5 items) along with a note from my stylist and some cards to show you suggestions on how you can style the clothes included in this "Fix":

OK -- it all looks pretty promising -- I see a hint of color in there!

Initially, I was a little disappointed that there were no pretty jewelry choices in my box -- I have seen some reviews online where folks have gotten some stunning, reasonably priced necklaces.  I had all clothing choices, so let the fashion show begin!

Item #1:  41 Hawthorn Filbert Floral Print Henley Blouse ($58)

I tried on the item that caught my attention first in terms of colors I adore -- purple and teal!  This turned out to be a shirt/ tunic.
On the plus side -- I don't own anything like this.  It's nicer than a regular shirt and could be useful in casual situations where I want to wear something with jeans that is a little "nicer."  This is made out of some sort of silky material that I liked and the shirt itself if a little longer than most.  It fit me well but was slightly narrower by the hips (perhaps because it was longer?)  But this was a nice shirt and fit all together.  Verdict?  Keeper!

Item #2:  Lily Demie Cross-Front Layered Knit Top ($78)

As you can probably tell from my expression above, I hated this.  I like the idea of a cross layered top but not this one.  If you remember from my last fix, the beautiful green one I received was too large -- and this one was too small.  In addition, the cross layered part hit me in a weird spot.  Yech.  Verdict?  Sent back!

Item #3:  41 Hawthorn Jace Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress ($68)
The minute I touched the fabric of this dress, I loved it!  Some sort of velvet-like texture that I couldn't stop touching!  I even liked the way that it looked and I even think the price was somewhat reasonable for a dress.  As you can see from the picture, the length is even a good one:

Here is an up close shot of the texture -- the cute little blue dots were slightly raised from the fabric:

This was a hard decision but I finally decided to send it back.  I have a lot of dresses -- so I don't really need another one.  The back of this dress didn't sit well anyway (there was a little pooch).  Since I knew that would drive me crazy, it just motivated me to not keep the dress. But I kept feeling it all the way back to the box -- so soft and fun!   Verdict?  Sent back!

Item #4:  Lily Kye Jersey Printed Swing Skirt ($78)

I am little disappointed to see this one in my box -- again!  It is the exact same swing skirt that was in my first shipment and I was quite clear in the feedback to the stylist that I couldn't spend this much for a skirt (made of polyester).  If it were in the $30-40 range, fine.  But it's not.  But I tried it on anyway (and it did fit perfectly!):
Cute but no cigar.  I actually liked the black and white patterned one from last time a little better.  This pattern is okay but I don't love it.  Verdict?  Sent back!

Item #5:  Colourworks Gaffney Mixed Stripe Knit Cardigan ($78)

My first reaction when I pulled this out and tried it on was "Yech!"  But .... there are some beautiful touches to this cardigan that are not clear in the picture -- lots of silver and gold threads that make this cardigan not so ordinary.  Of all the things I tried on, Jim liked this one best.  That says a lot.  The more I looked at it, the more I liked it but .... I just couldn't get past the "boxiness" of the style.  And $78 is a lot to pay for something like this, no matter how nice the fabric.  The hardest struggle I had with keeping this or not keeping this was the fact that Jim liked it.  I would love to have more clothes that Jim liked because I know for a fact he hates my adoration of crazy prints.  In the end, though, my practical side won out.  Verdict?  Sent back!

So here is what I wish -- what is up with sending Dianna all these high priced items?  I see reviews online where folks are getting classic pieces that hover around $50 (not all the items in their boxes, of course).  I made it clear in my style profile that I like jewelry so I don't understand why I am not getting any.  As much I love the idea of someone with better taste picking things out for me, I am still not convinced that there is a person who is actually doing this for me.  Why would this "person" send me the same skirt twice in a row? (even if it is a different pattern)

So there you go!  On the plus side, it is super easy to send back the items you don't want (in an included bag with pre-paid postage already on it!) and the online check out is also super easy (including lots of room to leave your comments about why you are sending something back).  If you are interested in trying, you can do it through this link:   I heard that they will be offering plus size options by the spring.  I don't know if because I am at the edge of their service options (as a 12/14) that the folks over at Stitch Fix might have limited options.  Stay tuned for review #3 at the end of December!

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