Friday, November 29, 2013

"A Season to Streak": Could I, Too, Run Every Single Day of the Holiday Season?

I recently read an article by Marc Parent titled "A Season to Streak" in the online version of one of my favorite magazines, Runner's World.  Click here to read the entire article by Parent.  In a nutshell, Parent meets someone who is doing the Runner's World Holiday Streak and he says to himself, "Challenge accepted!"  So he decided to run each and every day from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.  And if you look at the official rules of the Holiday Streak (click here for more information about the official Runner's World Holiday Streak), you have to run at least one mile to make the streak stick (you can't count bike, swim, or cross training miles -- it must be a run).

Newbie Dec 2013

So I thought about it yesterday and this morning.  Could I do this?  I still have about two weeks of SWIC left (one last week + a week of finals).  I am helping with the coordination of the Tri Club's Icy Iron which gets started December 9 (coming up!).  Jim and I are leaving for Arizona to visit my parents from Dec 20-25.  So could I fit this into a tight schedule already?

Well, as Barney says above, let's do it.  Yesterday -- Thanksgiving -- was the first day.  I got in about 5.8 miles (one loop around Forrest Park) with a friend from the tri club.  This morning I did 4 miles on the treadmill downstairs in our building's gym.  If I blog about it, then it is fair game for folks to ask me how my streak is going!  (and public shaming if I fail!).

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