Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So What is This Thing Called "Stitch Fix"?

A few months ago I got pretty annoyed when I wanted to try this new "subscription box"-like idea called "Stitch Fix."  The web site said that it was for women sized something like 2-14.  Since I am about a 12/14, I figured that I could try it since I was just at the edge of their service (and I am probably at about the edge of their targeted age group -- it looks like their ads are looking for women in their 20's and 30's).  The whole idea behind the web site is that you fill out a style profile and then you are sent five mystery items that you can then choose to buy -- or send back. Anyway, I was told a few months ago -- after filling out their detailed style profile -- that my size was not available and wouldn't be available until November.  I was so disappointed because I wanted to see what I would be sent.  I loved the idea of being exposed to fashion that I might not find on my own.

Well, hello November!  I just got my first box yesterday and I was delighted that it sort of worked!

So here is the whole Stitch Fix game plan:  First you go to the web site and fill out a fairly detailed style profile.  Then, your personal stylist (or a computer perhaps?  Am I being too cynical?) sends you five items that you can try on at home for 3 days.  You keep only the items you want to buy and you send the rest back in the included large envelope that conveniently already has postage.  Here are the other deets:  You pay $20 up front and that $20 comes off your total price if you decide that you want to keep any of the five items (and you don't have to).  If you decide to keep all five, then you can also take 25% off the grand total.  Another cool perk is that the stylist includes some style cards which show you different ways that you can wear each item (and I love getting ideas!).  You can also indicate your spending range and limits but I don't think the stylist did a great job from that perspective (though the clothes she sent were lovely and fabulous quality).

So how did my first Stitch Fix go?  First, my stylist's name is Angie.  I will give Angie credit -- she obviously looked at my style profile and my additional comments because for the most part, all five items were things I liked.  

Item #1:  Daniel Rainn Rosa Floral Lined Pleated Blouse ($68).  Because it is black, I wasn't able to get a great picture but it was cute overall.  I loved the gauzy overlay and the inner layer which was made of some silky material that felt incredibly soft.  However, I hated the elastic waist thingie that hit me mid-stomach and the super loose elastic in the sleeves.  But I liked the overall look but maybe not so much the price.  In the end:  I sent it back

Item #2:  Yumi Regina Belted Geo Print Cowl Neck Dress ($118).  The first of two Yumi dresses that were sent to me, I loved, loved, loved the feel of this dress!  Absolutely gorgeous.  Just not on me.  I don't do cowl necks for a reason -- I think they make my top look too heavy.  But the material on this dress was lovely (did I already mention that?!) and the pattern was something I liked.  In the end:  I sent it back.

Item #3:  Colorworks Annika Drape-Front Layered Knit Shirt ($58).  I was surprised at how well made this cotton top was -- I haven't tried one of these front layered shirts before and I actually like it.  The green of the shirt was brilliant but .... surprisingly enough, the XL that was sent was too big.  In the end:  I sent it back.

Item #4:  Lily Kye Abstract Print Jersey Swing Skirt ($78).  If this skirt had been cheaper, I would have kept it!  It was lovely -- again great quality and it went nicely with the green front draped shirt (see above!).  But I can't pay that much for a skirt (especially since I already own at least two black and white patterned skirts).  In the end:  I sent it back.

Item #5:  Yumi Baxter Foil Bird Print Belted Dress ($118):  Bingo!  I loved, loved, loved, loved the pattern!  It is black with a gold foiled bird pattern.  It was just perfect on the length (any shorter and it would have been too short).  Great material to boot! Yes, the dress is more than I usually spend but (1) the quality was beautiful and (2) I have a special event coming up soon that I needed a dress for anyway!  In the end:  I kept it!

So the idea is that each time you do a Stitch Fix, your stylist should be getting closer and closer to finding items that are in your style range (or maybe you even discover something that you would never have tried on if left to your own devices).  I showed all of these to Jim, by the way, and he thought everything was "OK" (though he wasn't lovin' the cowl neck dress either!) but I would love to find something that would knock his socks off!  For the record, these items were a little high priced for me though the quality was absolutely amazing.  Here is the bill that comes with the shipment:

There was no way I was spending that much on these five items!  But, thank goodness, you can send them all back!  (it is worth it to buy one item since you lose the $20 you put up pre-shipment if you end up passing on everything).  I would love to get some lower-priced jewelry like I have seen in other Stitch Fix reviews so I made a note about that when I went online to comment on my shipment (you let the folks at Stitch Fix know what items you are keeping and exactly why you are sending other items back).  So if you like the idea of being exposed to new brands and styles, then this is a great idea!  Here is the link again if you are interested in trying it out: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3145134

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