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I'm Back! December 2013 Stitch Fix Review

I have been swamped with work lately and so this poor blog is usually the first one to suffer!  The end of the semester was tough and then I had a quick trip to Chicago which was then followed by a quick trip to Phoenix!

But -- the day after Christmas, I came back to St Louis and was greeted by my next Stitch Fix box!  (This is number 3 -- click here for review #1 and click here for review #2).  This time, I ended up keeping two items from my box -- both of the previous times I kept only one item.  So I think this whole stylist experiment is going in the right direction!  (For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix sends you five garments for a styling fee of $20 (and you spend a bunch of time filling out a fashion profile indicating your preferences and things you hate or like).  After receiving your "fix," you have three days to try these clothes on with your own stuff and then you send back what you don't want in the return envelope which already has return postage on it.  You then note on the web site why you are keeping -- or not keeping -- items and the stylist keeps this in mind when putting together your next "fix").  Easy-schmeazy!  (and it is fun to be surprised with someone else's fashion choices, right?)  As an added bonus, you also get some cool styling cards -- there is an example of one when I talk about the skirt in the review below!

So here was my first view of Fix #3!
And here is what it looked like once I opened up the box -- nothing too colorful jumping out but I notice right away that there is a scarf that I had specifically mentioned in a previous comment to Stitch Fix!  (and the enclosed note from the stylist made it clear that someone had read my comments which was a nice touch since in a previous review I had commented that I wasn't so convinced that your stylist choices weren't computer generated)
As usual, I have to apologize for all the selfies -- sorry!  But I wanted to be sure and get this review up right away because (knowing me) I will forget!  So let's start with the two items that I decided to keep.  Item #1 was a fabulous bird themed infinity scarf that I just had to have the moment I saw it! I am so distracted by bird print lately.  Watching Portlandia probably doesn't help!  (and if you have no idea what I am talking about, check out Bryce and Lisa in the clip below!)

Item #1:  Rikka Henry Birds on Branch Infinity Scarf ($28)

I think you can tell from my grin (is that a grin?) that I love this scarf!  This was a keeper (and truth be told, I had described seeing something like this in someone else's fix so I am delighted that the stylist was able to find it!).  There was no way this scarf was going back in the return envelope!  (and I think it is a decent price for a good, quality scarf -- and it will get a ton of wear since it is navy blue!)

Item #2:  Loveappella Brownson Striped Hooded Open Cardigan ($64)

The minute I put this on, I loved, loved, loved it!  It is a silky soft material and I think the hood adds a fun element to the mix.  I decided that I loved this enough to purchase it, even though the price is a little over what I am comfortable with.  Not only did Jim like it but I have a feeling that I will be wearing this all winter!  (Did I mention how soft it is?!)

So those are the two items that I kept -- after you take the $20 styling credit out of the way (which I had already paid), that meant that I spent about $72 total on these two items.  Since both items were such a high quality, I feel like this was a good buy (and at this moment, I am wearing the super soft cardigan!)

So here are the other three items that I sent back this morning (you have three days to send the unwanted items back.  If I had decided to keep all five, then I would get a 25% off the total).

Item #3:  41Hawthron Toullouse Collared Wrap Dress ($68)

 When I first tried the dress on, I liked it.  It has a nice length and the color was super bright blue.  But -- I am not that huge on top (I am a C cup) and the tiny button keeping the two sides together was way too tight (in the picture above, I unbuttoned it which is why you can see my sports bra).  And then the wrap portion wasn't that practical -- it looked like I would be fighting the dress the whole day to stay put.  I was so in love with the color, though, that I was wavering with this decision when Jim walked in the bathroom and gave it a thumbs down.  So back in the bag with this dress.

Item #4:  41Hawthorn Reyn Mini Scalloped Detail Skirt ($58)

OK, I know the blue sports bra (again!) and the socks don't help here, but I hated this skirt.  It fit perfectly but it puckered a bit on the sides and the stripes were just too much for me.  Back in the bag within a minute of trying it on!

I liked the card with the styling suggestions, though, and will keep that to use with some of my own stuff.  I love skirts but sometimes I just don't know what to pair them with!
Reyn Mini Scalloped Detail Skirt
Item #5:  Kut From the Kloth Marquis Slub Knit Dolman Sweater ($48)

I think my face says it all here.  Yech.  Not figure flattering at all.  I love the idea of the dolman-styled sleeves but just not with this cut or material (I forgot to check the label but the material was rough feeling, not smooth at all).

I think that this Fix was the best one yet -- though I still love the dress from Fix #1 and the shirt from Fix #2 (both of which I still wear regularly).  I was going to stop after the third Fix but now I am curious -- will the next one be even better?  I have read reviews online of folks who love their entire box and keep it -- could that ever happen to me?  The price point was better this time -- if I had kept the box, the total would have been $172, far less that the previous boxes (one was over $300).  The quality of the clothes is great -- I am willing to pay a little more for something well made that I can wear over and over versus something I get from Old Navy that might last just one season.

So what am I trying to say?  I think I will need my Fix at the end of January.  Other than the upfront $20 styling fee, it's a pretty safe adventure.  If you are interested in trying a Fix, click here for more information (and just so you know, if you decided to give it a try I get a small credit!).  

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