Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Tuesday That Feels Like a Monday!

So have you ever had one of those mornings when you feel like you have 0% motivation and your butt is dragging you even further down? Or when the mounds of paper on your desk look cozy enough to jump into and have a nap?

Welcome to my day!

Writing-wise, my head is full of too many projects: A conference on Saturday that sits half completed on my desk, another upcoming conference in a few weeks that I haven't started on, a speech for a student group on April 23, a booklet I am trying to finish for some colleagues, about 12 written mid-terms that need to be read before our class meets tonight, some letters that need to be done for the Honors Program I coordinate here at SWIC, some advertising for the upcoming Honors fieldtrip to "Next to Normal" at the Fox Theater .... well, maybe that is about the gist of it. For some reason, though, I am just not feeling the love this morning. I am involved in a Learning Circle (a professional development activity that is similar to a Book Club) and I have been trying to post my comments to our group's web site all morning and I keep getting thrown out every time I write down my responses. Perhaps a metaphor for my mood this morning?

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