Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Usefulness of Lists!

As you may remember from yesterday, I was feeling intensely bogged down in work. Not just work but WORK. My to-do list went something like this:

1. Finish booklet for fabulous colleagues to help prepare for next year's 4C's Conference (English teacher thing)
2. Work on conference presentation for this Saturday (Carbondale, IL)
3. Work on conference presentation on April 21 (Allerton, IL)
4. Work on Honors paperwork and marketing
5. Respond to online Learning Circle web site (which kept booting me off yesterday)
6. Grade mid-terms for Tuesday evening class
7. Prepare kick-ass lesson for Thursday's American Lit class (pretty sure they are bored and not liking the class)

So what on this list can now officially be crossed off? As you can see from above, the first item -- check! (I even campus mailed copies to all the folks who asked me via email; and I love the color of the cardstock that the Print Center helped me find). Number 2? I've been thinking about it -- does that count? Number 3 -- I've now officially talked myself into the idea that I don't need to think about this project until "after" my presentation on Saturday (sort of makes sense, I think). Number 4? Horribly failing. But on my list for tomorrow afternoon. However, I can check off number 5 (finally got the damn web site to work for me) and number 6 (worked on those yesterday afternoon while working on number 1). And while listening in on a webinar on teaching developmental writing this morning (See! I can multi-task!), I managed to create a game using Steinbeck criticism that will hopefully be educational (and fun!) once I add some chocolate in the mix! (the students are reading The Grapes of Wrath)

And now back to reading articles for the dissertation (I have a growing stack) and thinking about that presentation on Saturday .... (short break for a doctor's appointment this afternoon, though!)

PS: Nicole -- thank you so much for the note you sent via campus mail! You rock! (and I have it sitting above my desk so I can use it for strength!)

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