Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Response

First a few personal messages -- mostly because I am too lazy to email:

Laurie -- Thanks for noticing that the shirt is available through Cafe Press. I am about to order my own! :D I am not sure if you are in Hawaii right now but I hope your house is OK! And did those tests you mentioned a few weeks ago come back OK?!

Rachel -- Are you guys still handed to Japan? I was so worried about my friends in Chiba (where I used to live) but I talked to them this morning and they are OK. We are planning a trip there in July (I didn't know you were going next week, though! You are so lucky!) I hope that you guys will still be able to make it (not sure where you are headed).

Like everyone else on the planet, my thoughts are with the people in Japan who are dealing with major and catastrophic loss. As most folks know, this is my favorite country on this earth -- I spent almost four of the most "adventuresome" years of my life living in Chiba and Fakui. I loved the food, the culture, the people. I only traveled to Sendai (the hardest hit area) once but I can only imagine the devastation of what people have lost. Jim and I will be traveling back to Japan (his first trip!) in July with our great pals Greg and Martha (and Greg has been kicking butt with finding us traditional places to stay!). Thankfully, my good friends in Chiba are OK and now I just can't wait to see them!

Sort of makes a case of breast cancer seem like not that big of a deal.


  1. I can do this too :) My 2 year POST chemo ct scan was perfect...had my port removed 2 mondays's pretty amazing

  2. We're not sure yet if we're still going. We're supposed to leave on Tuesday, so we're going to make our final decision tomorrow. We're supposed to be staying in Tokyo, and then adventuring from there. Joe's been many times, so he's got all his favorite places he wants to show me.

    I'm so glad your friends are ok! You must have been terrified for them. =(