Friday, December 24, 2010

Well, I may have overdone it a little yesterday. Though I wasn't feeling all that great when I first got up and started moving around yesterday (can anyone say "pain"?!?!), by the afternoon I was feeling a lot better. My good pal Peggy and I had hair appointments that we had made together a few weeks ago and so I decided to go even though earlier in the day I had told Peggy and the stylist that I wasn't going to be able to make it (mostly because I couldn't walk straight without holding my stomach in). Since Braxton, the amazing stylist, still had the space open, I went ahead and left the house for the first time since I came back from the hospital (Peggy picked me up since I can't drive right now).

I was actually OK for the first two hours (I have to think the Percocet I took was helping a lot) but then all of a sudden, wham! I felt like crap and I thought I was going to die (OK, maybe I am a little over dramatic sometimes!). Peggy's super cool daughter had also come along and unfortunately her hair was taking the longest so I just sat in a chair waiting for Braxton to finish her up. By the time, I made it home I was convinced that I had maybe screwed something up since my stomach hurt so much. I watched a little television with Jim but then pretty much passed out in bed (the percocet generally makes me sleepy).

This morning -- still a fair amount of pain but I promised Jim I would chill for the whole day though it's killing me that the house needs cleaning and we need to run to the grocery store (thankfully, next door) since the snow just started falling and the forecasters are saying something like 2-4 inches (this might cause us to stay home tomorrow instead of spending the day with Jim's family).

So what is the new lesson I have learned? I apparently have no freaking idea how to relax!

I did talk with my doc's assistant yesterday and she also seems to think I am just struggling with the gas in the tummy (I just had no idea that this could cause so much pain. I have a whole new respect for farting now!). Anyway, she suggested I add a new drug to my little regiment I have going, something called simethicone (main ingredient in Gas-X).

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