Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hospital Girl!

I will have to make this quick since I'm typing on my phone. But I wanted to let folks know that the surgery went well. My abdominal area is killing me and I'm pretty tired since the nurse kept waking me up to take my vitals every three hours or so. I can get up and go the bathroom now though getting up and down seriously hurts! The pain medication helps but still seems to be a small amount of pain and discomfort that is lingering. If I am lucky, I'll get released this afternoon from Barnes-Jewish so I can rest at home .... My stomach is still bloated from the gas they pumped into me in order to do the surgery so I feel like I have a pregnant lump (there is no way that my jeans will fit me so I'm glad I brought my Old Navy pajama bottoms!). I am supposed to be going through menopause in the next day or two (Doc said it would hit fast and furious now that the ovaries are gone). So I am a little nervous about that. :(

Thanks to everyone! I was so nervous yesterday (I Broke out in tears in front of everyone before surgery!).


  1. Glad surgery went well...being home will help let you get rest. Menopause...just how much fun do you need this year????? Take it all easy and a step at a time...

  2. Thank you for posting an update! I was thinking about you all day yesterday. I hope you get home soon - your furbabies will take very good care of you.