Thursday, December 30, 2010

Small Hole!

Back to see the surgeon this morning. The incision (one of three) which showed the most "ugliness" in being allergic to the "human glue" needs to be looked at again. Right now there is about a one inch hole that is maybe a half an inch wide. Twice a day I have been cleaning it -- and now I hope the surgeon has some ideas on how to make it better. The only bad thing is that I usually wait about an hour to see Dr D minimum (I have waited up to two hours). Not fun.

I hope she is close to being on time today as I am meeting a bunch of work colleagues for lunch at this cute place called "Josephines," a tea house on the Illinois side of the river. Click here for more information! I've been there tons of times with these same folks and we always have a good time. And right now I could use a good time.

We leave on Saturday for Dauphin Island, AL -- the vacation beach house we rented right on the water. This west cooast native is so looking forward to hanging out by the beach for an entire week!

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