Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes, I am Alive!

Just a quick note -- this has been an insane week. This last post-chemo was probably the toughest so far (which I guess makes sense). I was fine on Thursday night and even Friday but we went out to dinner with a group of friends on Friday night .. and some bad stuff happened. We went to Mango (the best Peruvian food here in downtown St Louis) and I was loving dinner as I ate it but somewhere along the line I could feel cramps and then, boom. I needed a bathroom and I needed it fast! I felt better afterwards but the same thing happened on both Saturday and Sunday almost everytime I tried to eat something. And my appetite is defintely just not there (seems like my hair is shedding more now, too; seriously thinking about cutting my hair super short).

Yesterday (Tues) was the closest I felt to feeling normal. Appetite is still lacking a little but I am back at the gym. I wasn't able to do the biathlon I had signed up for this past Sunday (Jim thought it was a bad idea for me to run in the rain storm we were experiencing) but I am hoping to FINISH the triathlon I will be doing this Sunday. This will be my first outside triathlon (swimming is in a pool but the biking and the running are both outside). The goal is just to finish and maybe have some fun along the way (and hopefully, no cramping!).

Today -- lots of teaching, conferencing with students, and cleaning up the Honors classroom (if you have seen our trailer, you will understand why this took me hours and felt like a hard gym workout). I also had my weekly Japanese language class, followed by a Tempura cooking class (long story). And now I am exhausted. So I have to stumble off to bed -- night!

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