Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chemo Angels

A few weeks ago someone told me about this great online organization -- Chemo Angel -- that connects you up with a volunteer who "adds a ray of sunshine" to your life while you are undergoing chemotherapy. I went ahead and signed up ... and was notified that I was "adopted" by two people!

Let me start by saying that I can't wait until I am 100% cancer-free and can do this for other people! And that kind of statement says a lot about the program because I have been hooked up with two of the kindest people ever: Rachel and Laurie. Both of them have sent such kind notes to someone -- me! -- who is pretty much a stranger. In this day of email and virtual conversations, it is so nice to come home and see a letter (you know, those pieces of paper that people write on!). As I am nearing the middle of chemo, my strong attitude is waning a bit. These letters help brighten the mood. I just wish I were a better writer and could articulate how cool this program is. I feel like I have made two new friends even though I am living through the worst year of my life.

And to make matters even BETTER, I have re-hooked up with two old friends -- Bonnie (who helped me survive a Master's degree) and Jennifer (a former student who became a close friend). I have been so fortunate in my life (and travels) to have met the most interesting and fabulous people -- and one of my biggest regrets is that sometimes you lose the connection simply because stuff like that happens even if you don't mean it to happen.

So now I am sitting here, thinking that cancer looks a little "smaller" when I compare it the well-wishes coming from new friends and those coming from old friends.

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