Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Update

Not a lot to report right now. I spent most of last week meeting with the students individually to discuss their first essays and not students are gearing up for their second essays. Both classes watched the Chris Rock documentary "Good Hair" (trailer at the bottom of this entry!). I think it's a fascinating look at the political history of hair (specifically African American hair). And the comments from Maya Angelou are simply priceless! Anyway, the race issue is right there and I think the students in both classes are becoming more savvy at talking about racial issues up front.

And that's about it. A long weekend reading the 101 essays from Monday night. And I'm also tired today because Jim and I worked until pretty late last night at the Animal Alliance Fund Raiser at Harry's (Animal Alliance works hard at pushing for animal-friendly legislation such as banning puppy mills in Missouri). Anyway, the cleanup always seems to go on forever (though I got to hob-nob with Brook Dubman, Mr. "Because You Like Nice Things" -- for those of you not in the St Louis area, he has commercials for his furniture store using that catchphrase). So there I am hanging out with sem-famous people late on a Sunday night! :D

Tomorrow I am not teaching my morning classes and, instead, attending a professional development workshop at the Belleville Campus. Afterwards, I am back to Granite City for my night literature class (non-western lit).


  1. Hey, D! It's Sarah Rockwell. :)

    I'm getting all caught up on your blog. I'd love to know more about your work with Animal Alliance! I would love to do more volunteering.

    I'm sure I'll comment again shortly, but I wanted to mention that I love your dissertation topic and how you are running your classes.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I am sorry it took me this long to notice your comment! Spring Break really threw me a curve ball! Thanks so much for your encouragement! :D