Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Stack of Essays Out of the Way!

Oh no! I wrote my whole blog, hit "Publish Post" and the whole thing disappeared! Egads! I will never be able to articulate exactly what I just wrote moments ago!

But let me try .... I just finished reading the last MWF essay -- I want to try and come up with some qualifiable data (sort of) -- for example, how many of the essays exhibited a focus/ argument? Was there adequate development to back up the arguments? How many essays had stigmatizing errors that got in the way of the reading? Did the essays show "passion" on the part of the authors, something we don't often see in FYC essays?

For the most part, I am pleased. Of course, not everyone agreed with each other but the essays generally reflected revelance to the students' lives, they were interesting, and I could tell that the students had "something" that they wanted to "really" contribute to our class discussion about race. Sure, there is the danger that students were simply "talking the talk" but does that matter if they were able to create an arguement/ focus and then support it? Isn't that our goal in FYC? And, of course, I don't want students to simply embrace our class material (or digest it) without solid critical thinking -- and I am pretty sure that this didn't happen. The essays were generally pretty interesting and I now loking forward to a close reading of the essays from the Monday night class ....


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