Monday, February 15, 2010

And Now the Fun Starts!

After spending the entire weekend reading ENG 95 papers, I am now in the midst of looking at all the essays for both sections of ENG 101! Most of the students turned their papers in on time even though we had a "Snow Schedule" for the day (all classes started at 10 AM). I honestly expected a lot more frazzled phone calls and emails.

So now I have to start reading and critiquing! I will be curious to find out if the writing is, indeed, "better" and "more engaged" than the typical first essays I see in more "normal" sections of ENG 101. I have only read two so far -- and they were great! -- but I probably could be accused of cheating because I picked two strong writers to start off the reading marathon!

I need to have the MWF papers mostly done by Wednesday because those students are coming in to conference with me starting on that day ... the other stack needs to be done by next Monday night.

The picture above, by the way, is Jim (looking snarky because he hates it when I take pictures of him!) at the London Tea Room in our wonderful downtown St Louis -- the Tea Room had a special V-Day "high tea" -- fabulous finger foods and lots of yummy goodness -- and great tea for a snowy day!

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