Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Geeze it's late!

I only have a minute -- I absolutely need to make sure that I make time to make notes about what is happening in the class I am researching. But I am so tired tonight! I was up early, teaching by 9:00 (I love my developmental English class which meets at this time!) and then I have the ENG 101 class I am researching at 11 AM. Not sure how the class went over on the first day -- because I needed to explain that the class would be using race as the focus of all writing assingments (and I needed to explain that I was going to be doing research "on" them all semester and I needed them to sign consent forms) -- I was just super nervous, not my usual self. But I think it was OK, just not my best first day! I will talk more about this class when I see them on Friday.

In the meantime -- bed! I worked with my personal trainer this afternoon, did some errands, helped Jim with his photography mounting, cand reated some assignments for some classes tomorrow. I have an early morning 5:15 AM run scheduled tomorrow morning! :D

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