Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is it Sunday Night Already?!

So here's a lovely problem. I have 15 students in the MWF ENG 101 class and 14 of them indicated on an optional information sheet I had them fill out on Friday that they would be willing to let me interview them outside of class to help me with my research. I thought I would be lucky if 2 or 3 students were willing; now I have to figure out which students to concentrate on. I don't know any of them very well yet so I think I will wait another week or two before narrowing down my search (talkative students would be great!).

I also finished writing up their first essay assignment today -- a racial autobiography (an assignment I have never used before!). I used a hodge-podge of examples from other teachers but did some major tweaking to make it work for what I wanted the students to do (and trying to keep the assignment as fitting for something they might typically do in an ENG 101 class). I will have more to say about this once I introduce it to the students tomorrow. I also meet with the Monday evening ENG 101 class for the first time tomorrow so I should have tons of interesting tibits to pass along by the time I write in this blog again!

Nothing exciting this past weekend. I worked at Hope on Saturday morning, spent the afternoon cleaning the house and reading essays, and the evening at the local Irish pub. Stella, the wonder pooch, let me sleep in until 8:30 AM this morning (not a usual thing for her!) and Jim went off to work on his photography while I met with Kristina, my kick butt trainer and friend. And that's it! I am not ready to take on Monday! :D

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