Sunday, January 31, 2010

Busy Weekend

Nothing too much happened in class on Friday -- I need to test my electronic voice recorder and planned on using it on Friday as a "practice run" since the class was going to focus on basic essay organization and not talk about race. But not only did I forget the stupid voice recorder in my office but then our class unexpectantly got sidetracked on our first moment of dissention. One of my older students questioned the validity of our first assignment (racial autobiography)and for a few minutes I sort of had to defend why I asked the students to go this direction. It happened fast -- but this would have been the perfect time to have listened to the conversation outside of class instead of sort of remembering what happened. All I can sat is that I responded to the student's question and I think I did it in a way that was useful for everyone. I just wish I had remembered the voice recorder ...

Tomorrow is the second meeting of the Monday evening class. I really want to rock their socks off.

Jim has been at a photography seminar all weekend. I have been cleaning my desk, organizing research articles, cleaning up the house, and today I need to respond to the diagnostic essays from the Monday night class ... And catch up on the reading for my two lit classes. Last night we had a fabulous time at our friend's trivia event and this morning, Stella and I went for a long run. Is tomorrow Monday already?!

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