Saturday, January 22, 2011

At St Martin's College

OK, first I should say that the title of this blog should be "At St Martin's University" but when I was a student here, it was St Martin's College. Click here for a link to the school! The mission statement says, "Saint Martin’s University is a Catholic Benedictine institution of higher education that empowers students to pursue a lifetime of learning and accomplishment in all arenas of human endeavor." And that IS exactly what they do there!

So I spent 1986-1991 here as an undergraduate. St Martin's is located in Lacey, Washington, just a stone's throw from Olympia (the state capital). I was, of course, an English major and primarily studied under Father Kilian and Les Bailey. They both taught me everything I know about literature -- and teaching.

And as friends and readers of this blog know, Les died on Christmas eve. The memorial service for Les is today at 1 PM at the Abbey Church, the heart of St Martin's. I had to be here for it -- Les was like a father to me and there was no way I could miss the chance to tell him good-bye (as glib as that might sound). I flew out to Seattle from St Louis on Thursday (during a snow storm!) and I will be leaving tomorrow. I've been staying with "my other mother," Mary, who is one of the coolest people that I know. If anything, St Martin's inserted the most influential people into my life just at the time that I most needed them. So ... somehow I will need to get through this service without crying my head off.

I promise more later -- I will say that I love Washington state and a small part of me regrets moving away from the area. But things happen for a reason, I guess. I don't think I would have ever met Jim if I would have stayed in the area after graduating.

PS: Thanks to Laurie for the fabulous scarf (to match my gloves and hat) -- I have been wearing it a lot because it completely matches my black and white coat! And Rachel -- words cannot begin to express the gratitude about the Lush items -- I can't take a bath yet but when I can it is going to be an awesome one! :D


  1. So glad to hear from you...! I'm sure the service will be tough...but good that you're there to say goodbye. Take care of yourself and keep healing!!!

  2. I'm so glad it made it there safely! I hope you're able to enjoy the non-bath goodies in the meantime. You deserve some pampering. =)