Wednesday, January 5, 2011

At the Beach

I just have a few minutes but I wanted to post a quick update -- in a simple sentence: the beach is fabulous! Here are a few pictures -- here is the view from our patio:

And here is one of Stella, the city-dog turned beach dog!

So far I haven't done much of anything -- a good thing, I think! When we got here this past weekend, I was able to visit with my good friends Marie and Jeanie (and their fabulous parents!) and pretty much everything else has been walks on the beach, hanging out in the sun, reading, and watching television/ movies. So far I have learned how much I miss living by the beach. Even though I have spent 10 years in St Louis, I am still a west coast girl!

The pain is still there but I don't feel it too much if I just relax and do absolutely nothing.

I promise more later!

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