Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am so lucky to have such good friends -- seriously! I can't even begin to articulate this overwhelming sense of gratitude I am feeling. I wonder if it is when you are struggling with something like breast cancer (or some other major illness)that you really begin to understand the fabulous people and energy that you have around you. So thank you to all of you! This past weekend was definitely a tough one ... and I am looking at the calendar all the time now, counting down to when this whole little "mess" should be nearing its completion. After the surgery on December 20, that should be it, other than recovering from the surgery and the radiation. The last chemo is November 23, so all of those chemicals should be out of my body by the time we hit the surgery date. I am a little nervous about not being done with the radiation before the surgery date but I guess the doctors will figure all that out.

I'm feeling this new, refreshed sense of "After this is over, I'm going to take on the world!" I have been organizing and reading for my dissertation the last few days and I am anxious to get back to running and maybe even getting better with my personal records (esp, with triathloning). Better yet, I have a feeling that both of these goals will be possible (i.e. finishing the dissertation and throwing myself back into fitness).

On the job front, it's a bit of a struggle but I just have to get through a few more weeks. For the most part, I have fantastic, understanding students this semester who I feel a little sorry for because I am definitely not at 100% in the classroom. I have no doubt that things will go back to normal once the new semester starts in January -- so I just have to hang on until the end of this semester.


  1. WOW...you sound like a different girl. GOOD for you. One day at a time, one procedure at a time, one job at a time...you'll be finished and feeling like yourself in no time!

  2. I'm smiling ear to ear reading this message. You continue to astound me with your phenomenability (probably not a word, but I think I'll add it to my dictionary. Definition: the state of being phenomenal. Example: Diana Shank.


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