Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yuck November 2 Already?

Sorry for the delay in posting anything. This past weekend was crazy (lots of paper grading, personal errands, and napping). And now here it is -- November 2 -- the day I have NOT been looking forward to!

I promise to update later today after the chemo and the radiation, but so far this day has not started in the right direction. First, I had to get up early to go and vote (which is an important act, I think, for we Americans). But my head was swimming a bit when I read through the ballot and for some reason that started a headache that hasn't gone away yet. Then, I got to my office and had to deal with a million messages and problems with students (OK, maybe not a million) and am discovering that my patience is pretty much non-existent today. In prepping for a research assignment a few minutes ago that I have my ENG 102 students do every semester (the "Dianna Search" assignment -- it tests their abilities to use more than Google when looking for specific information!), I had to double-check some web sites to see if answers have changed ... and I stumbled on my rating from ratemyprofessor.com -- which had some dismal comments posted in relation to me (to be fair, there were some positive ones but the negative comments are all I am "hearing" today). I know that this web site doesn't mean much but it still "stings" to think that someone thinks I am unfair as an instructor.

I have to teach all morning and then run back to St Louis, pick up Jim, and get to the doctor's office by 12:45. And then the minute chemo is over, we have to rush to West County so I can get day #1 of radiation (and then only 32 more sessions to go! And yes, that is sarcasm in my voice!).

I seriously want to go back to bed.


  1. LOVE the Barbie doll in the vise ...you'll get thru today...you'll see the radiation will be a hassle, but Do-able. One baby step at a time. I'll think about you today...let us know how you do.

  2. Hang in there - January is not that far away. Love you so very much daughter - you are doing awesome.