Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quick Thursday Post!

Well, I went back to the gym this morning and cranked out almost 19 miles on the bike and then did 15 minutes on the elliptical -- and I have to say that I feel exhausted. Usually, I don't tire out this easily so I am not sure if this is something that needs to be chalked up to chemo or not. I have some reading that I MUST get done today -- some articles and a book related to the WPA list serve question from last week -- it looks like some good stuff but I've been struggling with motivation again the last few days.

It doesn't help that it has been 100 degrees + the last few days. I have to (1) work at one of my volunteer jobs this afternoon and (2) do something for the social committee (in our loft building) so maybe those little adventures will light a fire under my butt.

As far as any side effects go, by the way, nothing major has come up yet -- Yipeee! I am taking some meds for nausea and Biotene for mouth sores but neither issue has really been a problem (maybe because I am being proactive?). Let's hope it stays that way! :D


  1. I appreciate your being so open with us. So many of us are supportive of you (even if we can't see you often).

  2. Thanks so much, Denise! I think I will be doing more writing on this blog and less on Facebook -- I feel more comfortbale "here" for some reason. I don't imagine writing with an audience and so it's nice that even one person checks this blog every now and then! See you soon hopefully -- in real life! :D

  3. I've heard exhaustion is a common side effect, so I wouldn't be surprised if you have more days where you're just pooped.

  4. Hey, Girl, I'm right there with you all of the time. Don't be too hard on yourself. Give your mind and body time to adjust.