Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chemo #2

Just a quick update on today's chemo. I saw Dr L, the oncologist, before my infusion. She wanted to make sure everything was fine on my end since I saw her last week. Other than the annoying rashes and a few mouth sores, I haven't experienced anything too bad. But I am feeling frustrated that I have gained weight -- lately, I seem so hungry all the time.

The chemo itself was pretty uneventful. The infusion center had two other patients, both older men. I pretty much read some old People magazines for the almost two hours we were there (I had brought an academic book to read but ... my mind was yearning for something a bit easier). Tracey was my nurse again, but I also met Terri, the other infusion nurse who was out the last time I was there. The folks there are super nice but I would still rather be somewhere else.

The worst part? I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the needle going in for the IV hookup. You would think this would get easier but it just doesn't. It hurts like hell for about 30 seconds and then everytime I shift my hand (where the IV is located) during treatment, I can feel stinging. Not cool!

So that makes two down, four more treatments to go. I know I should be a little excited about that happy fact but I am not. Going to the doctor's is starting to get old. And-- I am a little nervous about side effects now, as I was told things get a little crazier about treatment #2.

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