Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mid Week Blues

So this darn flu bug going around has caught up with me, making working out and running impossible which means ... Dianna is grumpy. I am going to try my regular 5 AM run in the morning tomorrow and see what happens. At this point, I have to do something. And at any rate, I have the St Patrick's Day 5 mile race on Saturday morning so I need to get my legs moving!

And it's not just the flu bug slowing me down but I seem to have gotten myself caught up in some sort of friend drama with, well, a "friend" who has made it perfectly clear she doesn't want to be my friend anymore which makes me sad and a little angry. I have already apologized and been told that things were fine (and obviously they are not) so I know there isn't much else I can do. I can't change someone's thinking. I just have to go on being Dianna: slightly humorous, enormously imperfect, always incredibly desiring to be a better teacher, and wishfully wanting the world to be peaceful and happy. With the FT teaching, the FT graduate work, the two volunteer jobs, and a delighfully supportive husband, I am lucky with what I have in my life. I just know that I have to get past the whole drama that makes me think back to the unpopular kid I was in high school (Isn't it strange how that "ghost" is always lurking around the corner?!)

The MWF 101 class went so well today -- we were looking at drafts from two students in the class and all of the students appeared to have fun with critiquing both papers (one about the gender issues in Spongebob Squarepants and the other about the politicalization of hair in Chris Rock's Good Hair). In fact, I had to stop the class when the time period was over instead of everyone getting their bookbags on as they get ready to pounce out the door. Cool.

I won't see the Monday evening class again until after Spring Break and I will only see the MWF class one more time -- on Friday -- before the break. All of the students in both sections will be turning their essays in for me to read while classes are out. I am planning some much needed sleep, catching up on graduate reading, grading papers, and then I will be off at 4C's (Conference on College Composition and Communication) in Louisville, KY, for a good portion of the week where I will be presenting a paper. Fun times!


  1. Good luck with the presentation at 4C's. I'm sure you will WOW them.

  2. I hope the run went well and you rock out your presentation! I know you will.

    And we have GOT to get together when your schedule opens up. The comment about the ghost of your inner unpopular girl always sitting there, ready to drag you down, is so accurate. Just one more reason I'll never have kids - subjecting them to other kids is just abusive. I don't think I'll ever fully recover from the hell that was high school!