Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy Thursday ....

Glad I got my run in this morning -- perfect weather conditions. Now it's kind of chilly and rainy.

Yesterday's ENG 101 class went well -- we are in the middle of watching and discussing Crash -- in fact, we will finish this whole discussion tomorrow (on Friday). I tried to show students other ways of "seeing" issues in this film other than race (i.e. police behavior, insurance woes, parenting, and anger are examples) so that they will have something to analyze if, for whatever reason, the subject of race is just to much to take on. My hope is that they do, in fact, tackle race -- I think this film does such a great job of bringing together so many complicated ideas (with no easy solution). In case you haven't seen this film, or it's been a long time, here is the trailer from

I'm a huge fan of the film. It's a great visual for bringing the issue of "whiteness" to the table, a concept that is hard for my students to wrap their head around.

Anyway -- that's it for now. This has been a tough week. On Mondays and Tuesdays I teach both day and evening classes (no complaint since this was my choice; I think it's important that FT faculty teach at night too, not just ajunct faculty). Yesterday was long as well since I took a group of students to the St Louis Rep Theater to see a fabulous production of "Crime and Punishment." All I can say is "Wow!" -- a great, great script!

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