Thursday, August 15, 2013

Netflix for Clothes!

Before I finish blogging about our recent Scotland adventures, I want to make sure and review the box that came in the mail for me today!  I discovered "Gwynnie Bee" just before we left on our trip and knew that I would need to wait until we came back before I could try it.  The easiest way that I have heard people describe this service is "Netflix for Clothes"!  Here is how it works:  Gwynnie Bee includes hundreds of clothing items for women who are "curvy" at a size 10 and up.  You browse the web site and add items you like to your account (called your "closet" which is sorta cute!).  You pay a monthly fee for having a certain number of these clothing items out.  You can return any of these items any time you want and get something else in your "closet."  I am trying the "three items out of a time" option (and I am getting the first month free to try it out).

So over the weekend, I decided to commit to trying the whole idea out (I had already browsed the site without committing to a subscription -- you can look at stuff but you can't save to your closet without a subscription account).  So today my first shipment arrived and here is what I think!

First, I thought that the three items I chose were packaged nicely and I liked that someone actually wrote out a handwritten card thanking me for starting an account.  Perhaps this isn't a big deal but I think it was a nice touch!

So I chose three items for this first package -- two dresses and a peplum shirt.  First up -- dress number 1 (the one that had caught my eye the most on the web site!).  Here is how the Igigi dress looked on their web site:
And here is how it looked on me:

I do like the dress and I picked the size perfectly for me.  I am not super crazy about the little tie thingies hanging off the arms but I think it's cute.  Jim even said it looked good!  :D  This isn't something I would usually wear because your tummy is not hiding behind anything but the fabric helped my body look more slender, I think!

Dress number two looked much better on than when I took it out of the box.  It is a two piece -- a Jessica Howard polka dot dress.  I can't get the actual dress to copy over to my blog but it looks something like this:

Jessica Howard Scoopneck Polka Dot Dress, sizes 10-24W, on Cindy G via Facebook
And here is me posing with the dress and the shrug that came along with it.  The dress above and the dress I got are both Jessica Howard but my version is a little different.  Like I said, I didn't think I was going to like this.  I didn't use the fabric belt that came with it but as soon as I used one of my own wide belts (a brown one), I think the look came together.  I love the fabric and it feels girly.  Not as crazy about the shrug so I probably won't wear it with the dress.
Item number 3 is a peplum top.  I tried pairing it with a skirt but I think it looked the best with skinny jeans (the top is an Asos Curve).
So what is the verdict?!  I think I will try the two dresses out and even wear one to a work meeting tomorrow.  I don't super love either one but they both look nice and I think I will try them out for a spin!  The peplum shirt?  I am sending that one back tomorrow morning in one of the envelopes that Gwynnie Bee provides (free shipping both ways!).  I have already noted the return on the web site so the folks at Gwynnie Bee will be sending another item from my closet (just like Netflix!). If truth be told -- the Asos Curve web site was having a sale yesterday so I actually just ordered a peplum top just like this (but with an eyebrow print!) for something like $13 so I don't need to hang on to this one.  I am still not sure if I like the peplum look but I will see what I think when the shirt I bought comes in.

So .... I am definitely excited about trying even more clothes!  It was fun!  If you would like to try a free month, here is a link:  (and in the interest of being honest, I can get a free month if any of my friends try it!).  I will probably have more to say about this in a month but right now I think I will be trying until at least the end of the year.  I have a few weddings coming up and I like the idea of wearing a nice, new dress without having to buy one!  And it is always fun to have new clothes to wear!  And I would like to try more clothes that are unlike the kinds of things I try on in stores.  The BEST PART about this program is that I get to try the clothes on at my home with my accessories and things.  And if I really love something, you can actually purchase the item as well.  That won't be happening with this round of clothes but we will see what happens in the future!

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