Monday, April 30, 2012

Here I am!

So here I am at the end of April and I have not been updating this blog on a regular basis at all!  :<

I know that writing here is a positive step in writing my dissertation.  Just writing a few words a day helps me get into that all-important writing "groove."

So what is going on in my life at this very moment?!  Last week, I participated in the first virtual seminar for the Dartmouth Seminar that I will be attending in NH from July 30-August 10.  As usual, I left the experience feeling like a total dork, thinking that my research is nothing compared to the other people involved in the seminar.  I just don't think I am very good at explaining -- on the spot -- what it is that I am trying to do with my dissertation research (and maybe this is because I am a terrible public speaker and I am not 100% sure of what I am trying to do anyway).

Other than the Dartmouth stuff, my head is also focused on the last two weeks of the Spring 2012 semester here at SWIC.  This week, in fact, is the last full week of the semester and I have a "to do" list that is a mile long!

Running wise I am struggling (just did another 5K yesterday) but right now my head needs to be wrapped around dissertation "stuff" -- not running.  I do have a few races coming up but I promised myself that I would limit myself to just a few events and, instead, concentrate on writing.

And with those words, I need to hop off this blog and start doing some work.  I will be back soon!

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  1. I know how you are feeling. My life is crazy right now with the semester wrapping up, my 5K in Indy this weekend, Eric graduating the 12th,followed by a bridal shower that afternoon, we move Eric home on the 13th, then final presentations and grading...and then Andrew's wedding on June 2nd. Did I forget to say Steve is prepping for his Ironman in June too!