Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goin' to Get Muddy!

So you see that picture at the top of this blog?! I get asked about this one a lot -- Jim took it last year at the USO Mud Run over in Mascoutah, IL, about 30 minutes east of St Louis. I was freshly diagnosed when I ran this race last year -- I don't remember exactly what I was thinking other than how did other folks get their hands on pink duct tape and I only had gray -- but I am pretty sure that I still thought of myself as experiencing a "slight case" of breast cancer. Looking back at this time last year, I am pretty sure I was in shock mode for at least the first few weeks but I was focusing on remaining strong -- which I think the picture at the top of this blog captures quite well!

Anyway -- I just signed up for the run on June 4 (next weekend), a little late since I didn't think I was going to do it. I am not sure why I was reluctant at first (OK, maybe getting muddy isn't the first thing I would do if given the choice) but ... it's for a great cause (the USO!), it's unique (go mud!), and for some reason I feel like re-visting some of the races I did last year. So bring the mud on! (and I will go to Home Depot and track down that pink and purple duct tape -- which I will need to keep my shoes on!) Just in case you are interested, here is the "official" trialer for the USO Mud Run:

I am hoping Jim will be out there taking more great pictures (I didn't get as muddy as I could have last year because ... well, it's quite possible that Dianna jumped over course obstacles if there wasn't someone there "forcing" me to do it! I have a feeling that will be different this year!).

And with the mud theme going on, I have a few pictures to share! I cleaned out my office at work and found two pictures from a mud run I did in 2005:

I like these pictures -- I was a "younger" runner then (I started running in 2002)! And these must have been just before I switched to running in skirts only(I am a huge fan of triathlete Nikki DeBoom's company "Skirt Sports" -- Is it odd that I keep searching the eyes of the pre-cancer diagnosis Dianna thinking, "Is there a clue? Is there a sign that this is going to happen?" Was it the million Diet Pepsis I drank? Was it the chemicals in the air? Was it ... ? (well, you get the point).

Anyway -- and on one more running-related note! The local Fleet Feet Sports store (I am a devoted fan!) just highlighted me in their most recent newsletter. I am deeply, deeply honored and they made me sound so strong! Click here to the link! I just can't say enough how honored I feel. Enough said.

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